What Could You Buy With An Extra $4,393.22?

Posted on: Nov 05, 2016


That’s the amount of money my average home seller saved in 2016 by working with me instead of a “Full Price” 6% agent.   That’s real money that could be used for a great family vacation or to pay your moving expenses!  Keep in mind that these clients saved that money while still receiving the same yard sign, lock box, online marketing, appointment scheduling service, feedback service, and licensed Realtor that you get with a 6% agent.

Here’s something else to consider about the $4,393 in Realtor savings.  The common spread between list price and sale price is 4%.  If you had an additional $4,393 to negotiate with, and still walk away with the same amount of money, you have a much better chance of selling your home.  For example, let’s say you’re listing your home for $200,000 and need to walk away with $182,000 to payoff your current mortgage and have a down payment on your next home.  Assuming a normal 4% price decrease while negotiating, and 6% to a “full price” Realtor, you’ll end up with $180,480.  Based on that, you won’t be able to accept this offer and you just lost a good buyer.  Take that same scenario but instead of paying 6% to a “full price” Realtor you work with Simple Fee Realty and pay $1,495 plus a 3% buyers agent fee.  Now you would receive $184,745 and you’re able to sell and move on with your life!

This scenario happens all the time.  In fact, a large portion of our listings come from sellers who have been trying to sell for the last 6-12 months with a 6% agent and haven’t been getting showings.  They relist with us at a price lowered just by the Realtor fees they saved and now they get showings and their home sells.

There are only 17 agents in Northern Kentucky that have sold more homes than me in the last 3 years and none of them offer the savings I do.  Before you list your home, run the numbers on what a 6% agent will cost you verse Simple Fee Realty.  Same service, save thousands.