How can you provide this service at a fee far below a 6% agent?

We know it sounds too good to be true, we hear that all the time. The reality is that technology has drastically changed the real estate industry and we are simply evolving with it. Before the internet, agents had to pay for ads in magazines, pay for the old Real Estate channel, and pay for mass mailings so the upfront expenses justified the 6% fee. The internet has eliminated all those expenses. Furthermore, things like cell phones, electronic signatures, and email have allowed agents to work more efficiently and that saves money! Today it’s all about the power of technology and we're simply passing the savings along to you.

What can I expect after contacting Simple Fee Realty?

We will begin by emailing you comparable sales in your area so you can get a feel for what your property may sell for. An agent will then come out to your property to complete all required documents, take up to 50 pictures, set up the sign and lockbox, and collect a check for $495 made out to Simple Fee Realty. Your property will be on the MLS within 24 hours and works its way through the internet shortly after that.

Are there any additional fees?

No. Our program is very simple, hence the name! The most you’ll pay in Realtor fees is $1,995 plus 3% of the sale price. The least you’ll pay is $1,995 if you find a buyer that doesn’t have an agent representing them.

Will my listing be advertised all over the internet?

Yes. The MLS has a syndication agreement with Realtor.com that will send your listing to over 80 different websites, including Zillow, Trulia, and the local brokerage sites. All listings on the MLS go through the same syndication websites, regardless of which agent you list with.

Can I choose how much to pay the buyer’s agent?

Yes. If there’s a buyer’s agent involved, you have the choice of paying 2%, 2.5%, or 3%. This fee is agreed upon at the time of listing, published in the MLS, and all agents will see it before showing your property.

Why would I pay the buyers agent 3% if given the choice?

Actually, we normally encourage you to offer 3% to the buyers agent and here's the logic. The average buyer is going to look at 9 homes before making a decision and most of those homes are still going to be under the traditional 6% model which means the buyers agent will get 3%. If you offer the agent something less than 3%, whether it's right or wrong, that agent may not be as motivated to push your home over the others. That said, we give you the option of doing what you want. It can be changed at any time but it must be listed upfront in the MLS and cannot be changed once we have an offer and are negotiating with a buyer.

What happens if my Simple Fee Realtor brings the buyer?

If your Simple Fee Realty agent represents the buyer, they will be compensated the agreed upon buyer’s agent fee as listed in the MLS, plus the $1,995. That's our motivation to find your buyer! This is called dual agency and is a standard practice.

How would I find my own buyer who doesn’t have an agent?

There are 2 main ways past clients have found buyers who don’t have an agent. First, you can host your own open house. Buyers who don’t have agents often attend open houses. We will market your open house on the MLS and many other sites for you. Second, we allow you to take our phone number off the yard sign and replace it with yours. That way, any drive-by buyers are contacting you directly. You will be responsible for the cost of any sign displaying your phone number. Several companies can modify the yard sign for about $15.

Another agent that wants to list my house said you don't provide the same level of service. They also said some agents won't show homes listed by flat fee services. Is that true?

That agent is either not knowledgeable or they are intentionally misleading you to get your listing. Either way, it's unfortunate. We fill out the same required forms, we take the same number of pictures, we have the same size yard sign, advertise your home on all the same websites, use the same lock boxes, use the same appointment scheduling service in the MLS, request feedback the same way, and handle negotiations/inspections/appraisals the same. The fact is, you don't have over 800 NKY closings in the last 5 years without providing a great service and working with all agents.

Do you still represent us if we find our own buyer?

Yes. Under all circumstances we will represent you and will ensure all the required steps are followed. The good news is, in this situation you just sold your house for $1,995!

Do I have to do my own showings?

No. Anytime you get a showing request if will be from a licensed agent who will show the property to their buyer. There will never be anyone in your home without a licensed agent unless you talk to a buyer directly.

How do showings get scheduled?

When we come to your property for the listing process we will discuss any issues that may limit the flexibility of showings (pet care, odd work hours, etc). When an agent wants to show your property they log into the MLS appointment center, their credentials are verified, and they submit the date and time they would like. You will receive a text message or call informing you of the request and you simply accept or decline.

Will I get feedback after a showing?

After every showing we send a request to the agent for feedback. If we don’t get a response we send a second and third request to the agent(24 hours apart). If they provide it, we forward it to you.

How long is the listing contract and what if I want to cancel it?

The listing contract is for a maximum of 12 months and you can cancel at any time without additional expense. The $495 fee is not refundable.

Are you a licensed Realtor?

Yes, every Simple Fee Realty agent is a licensed Realtor.

Do you host Open Houses?

We can host an open house but we normally suggest you host your own as it's a good way for you to find your own buyer and avoid the buyers agent fee. Either way, we will publicize it on the MLS. Remember, we represent you in all situations so if you can find your own buyer it will save you thousands!

Can you help me buy my next home?

Yes, we would be happy to assist you as a full service Realtor in your new home purchase. As licensed Realtors, we can show you any home in Northern Kentucky.