How To Get A Sold Sign In Your Yard

Posted on: Jan 20, 2017

Getting a “Sold” sign is the goal of every seller, however, they often lose focus on what’s truly important to buyers.  Let’s get the relatively obvious items out of the way first.  Yes, it’s important that your home isn’t cluttered.  Yes, it’s important that your home doesn’t have pet odors.  Yes, it’s important that your home has a nice curb appeal.  However, if that’s what was truly important than every run-down foreclosure would still be on the market but they aren’t, so it must be something else.   Next on the ladder of misconceptions is that homes sell because of location, location, location.   That argument would suggest that everyone wants to live across the street from a school, or on a lake, or downtown but we know that’s just not the case.

The list could go on but what’s the biggest item that will impact the likelihood of you selling?  Price.

The average buyer looks at 9 homes at a certain price point.  With website technology, we can see how many people are looking at your home.  If the website hits result in showings that means they are finding more “bang for their buck” with other homes at that price point.  Assuming you’ve done everything that was mentioned above (other than putting your home in a more desirable spot!), you only have one option and that’s change the price.  Depending on the time of year, the goal should be to get 1-3 showings a week.  If you’re not getting any you’ll need to make a more aggressive price drop.  If you’re getting random showings, you can make a smaller reduction.  The market will let you know when your home is priced competitively(with steady showings) and then you just wait for the buyer who is perfect for your home.

Go online and look at your competition and ask yourself “would I buy my own house?”.