Internet Marketing–6% agent vs. Simple Fee Realty

Posted on: Sep 14, 2016

The internet has become a very powerful tool for home buyers.  In fact, 77% of all  buyers said they used the internet frequently during the search process.  For that reason, it’s critical to have your home visible on websites when you’re trying to sell.   A common question I receive is, “Do you market my home on the internet the same as a 6-7% agent?”.

The short answer is yes.  The long answer is that the Northern Kentucky Association of Realtors (MLS) has a syndication agreement with that distributes all listings to the same sites including Zillow,,, etc.  For that reason, it doesn’t matter which agency you list your home with, the online syndication agreement is the same for all of them.   You can feel confident you’re getting the same visibility when working with Simple Fee Realty!

It’s also important that your agent has accurate information and as many as 30 pictures available for the web.  I’ll often see listings with only 6-7 pictures and this really hurts that sellers chances of getting showings.  There’s no such thing as too many pictures because you never know what will be of interest to a buyer.  I’ve had people take a look at a home because it had a giant Oak tree in the backyard and the wife always wanted that!  Pictures and price are the biggest triggers for showings which is why I recommend 4 good pictures of the exterior and at least 2 pictures of every room from different angles.

Simple Fee Realty also allows you to send us pictures that you take and have them added to the MLS without cost.  You have complete control of what is on your listing.  Feel free to contact one of our agents today to discuss listing your home.

Don’t pay a Realtor 6% to sell your home!  Full Service agent, simple flat fee.