Northern Kentucky Flat Fee Services Vary

Posted on: Dec 10, 2016

If you’re reading this you’re obviously looking for an alternative to paying a Realtor 6% to sell your home.  A flat fee service is a great way to achieve your goal of selling while saving thousands, however, not all companies offer the same level of service.  At Simple Fee Realty we strive to offer a service that you would expect to get when working with a “Full-Price” agent.  To ensure you’re getting the service you’ll need, ask the following questions when deciding on a company to work with:

Do you work on weekends?

Many buyers look at homes and submit offers on weekends.  If your agent isn’t available until Monday there’s a real chance the buyer will keep looking and you could miss out.  There are services out there that won’t accept offers on weekends.  Simple Fee Realty agents work 7 days a week!

Who takes the pictures and how many can I post?

The MLS allows an agent to post up to 30 pictures and it’s in your best interest to have 30 whenever possible.  Pictures and price are the 2 biggest draws to getting a buyer to schedule a showing so you want to maximize your chances by having 30 pictures.  There are services out there that have you take the pictures and send them in and they will only accept 6 or so.  Your Simple Fee Realty agent will come to your home, take up to 30 pictures, and post them on the MLS.  Furthermore, you will have the ability to send additional pictures to your agent to add or swap out at no additional cost if you want!

Will an agent actually come out to my home?

It’s hard to get professional guidance from an agent who has never even been in your home.  There are services out there that will have you fill out the forms online or email them to you and send you a small sign to put in your yard.  Simple Fee Realty agents will be a real resource for you during this process.  Our agent will come out to your home, walk you through all the required documents, give you recommendations on getting the home ready, and work with you one on one until the home is sold.


Simple Fee Realty strives to offer you the service you would expect from a 6% agent while saving you thousands.  Contact one of our agents today to take the next step to listing your home.