Simple Fee Realty has the highest sale percentage in NKY for the second straight year!

Posted on: Sep 24, 2018

For the second year in a row Simple Fee Realty has sold the highest percentage of their homes of the top 14 brokerages in northern Kentucky.   We would like to claim that it’s a result of our great agents but there’s really more to it than that.  The fact is that every seller has a number they need or want to get from the sale of their home.  In other words, you have a bottom line number.   When you have to pay a Realtor 6%, the sale price has to be higher to get your bottom line number.  With Simple Fee Realty,  you have a much lower commission so the sale price can be lower and still get your bottom line number.

For example, let’s say you need $200,000 from the sale of your home.  With the 6% model you need to sell your home for $212,766 ($212,766-6%=$200,000.04).  With the Simple Fee Realty model you only need to sell your home for $207,727 ($207,727-3%-$1,495=$200,000.19).  That’s a sale price difference of $5,039.  It only makes sense that if you can drop your sale price $5,039 in a negotiation with a buyer you have a much better chance of selling.  On the flip side, if we don’t have to drop the price you end up with $5,039 more in your pocket at closing!  Either way, you win.


We sell 88.8% of our homes and average 37 days on the market.  No other company does better!

Company                             % Sold                                   Days On The Market

Simple Fee Realty             88.8%                                   37

Realty Executives              84.9%                                    54

Regional Realty                 82.6%                                    47

Century 21                          81.7%                                     66

Star One                              80.9%                                    47

Comey & Shepherd          80.5%                                      42

Pivot Realty                        80.0%                                    45

Coldwell Banker               78.5%                                     43

Ken Perry Realty               75.2%                                    124

Huff Realty                          72.8%                                    46

Keller Williams                   72.6%                                    40

Sibcy Cline                           71.3%                                    47

Paragon Realty                  69.1%                                    41

Re/Max                                64.8%                                    44



  • All data was pulled from the NKY MLS on 9.22.18 with a 12 month look back.
  • List includes the 14 largest brokerages in NKY.
  • Percentage was determined by total homes listed and the number of homes cancelled/expired. For example, Re/Max sold 696 of their 1,074 homes that they had listed during the 12 month look back.  The other 378 where cancelled or expired without selling.  696 is 64.8% of 1,074
  • If a company had multiple NKY offices, all offices were combined for this report.