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Jim Murray is in the Top 5% of all Realtors in the United States

Congratulations, Jim! You’re an official winner of the Top 5% Award! We looked at the data from 2021 for over 1 million Homesnap Pro agents nationwide, and you’re one of the select few to win a Top Agent Award! You earned this distinction based on your impressive productivity over the past 12 months.

2021 continues as a sellers market

The attached chart shows the trend of homes for sale, pending, and sold for the Northern Kentucky market over the last 14 months.  The number of homes for sale has dropped nearly 50% in that time period while the number of homes sold has remained steady or even increased.  Give us a call if you’re […]

Simple Fee Realty market share increases 8% YTD

The word continues to spread about the benefits of using Simple Fee Realty to sell a home in northern Kentucky!  As of August 31,2019, our NKY market share is up 8% YTD from 2018.  Furthermore, we have saved our home selling clients $1,590,872 in Realtor fees by not paying 6% to sell their home.  We […]

Northern Kentucky Real Estate Market: Higher value, lower chance of selling

The Northern Kentucky real estate market has certainly been impacted by the exodus of several companies.  Consequently, the value of your home will have a direct correlation to the likelihood it will sell.  Below are 3 charts showing the homes for sale, pending, and sold in 3 different price ranges.  $100k’s, $200k’s, $300k’s.  You’ll quickly […]

Which company gives you the best chance to sell your home?

There are a lot of factors that determine if a home sells or not, price being the biggest.  If your home is priced right for what you are offering it will normally sell quickly.  That said, many sellers wonder how likely a brokerage is to sell a home and how many days will it take […]

Excellent time to get your home on the market

Numbers don’t lie.  The attached graph shows a 15 month look-back of the home sale market for Northern Kentucky.  The key months to look at are March of 2016 and 2017.  When comparing the two you’ll see that there are currently 212 fewer homes on the market and 44 more homes pending(under contract) this year. […]

How To Get A Sold Sign In Your Yard

Getting a “Sold” sign is the goal of every seller, however, they often lose focus on what’s truly important to buyers.  Let’s get the relatively obvious items out of the way first.  Yes, it’s important that your home isn’t cluttered.  Yes, it’s important that your home doesn’t have pet odors.  Yes, it’s important that your […]