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How To Get A Sold Sign In Your Yard

Getting a “Sold” sign is the goal of every seller, however, they often lose focus on what’s truly important to buyers.  Let’s get the relatively obvious items out of the way first.  Yes, it’s important that your home isn’t cluttered.  Yes, it’s important that your home doesn’t have pet odors.  Yes, it’s important that your […]

Northern Kentucky Flat Fee Services Vary

If you’re reading this you’re obviously looking for an alternative to paying a Realtor 6% to sell your home.  A flat fee service is a great way to achieve your goal of selling while saving thousands, however, not all companies offer the same level of service.  At Simple Fee Realty we strive to offer a […]

What Could You Buy With An Extra $4,393.22?

$4,393.22. That’s the amount of money my average home seller saved in 2016 by working with me instead of a “Full Price” 6% agent.   That’s real money that could be used for a great family vacation or to pay your moving expenses!  Keep in mind that these clients saved that money while still receiving […]

Flat Fee Home Sales Continue To Grow In NKY

From 2012-2015, the number of Northern Kentucky flat fee home sales increased 217%.   This staggering growth is a result of several factors including: -Increased awareness that this service exists. -Increased word of mouth referrals as satisfied home sellers spread the word. -Home seller frustration that a 6-7% commission is no longer reasonable with the […]

Internet Marketing–6% agent vs. Simple Fee Realty

The internet has become a very powerful tool for home buyers.  In fact, 77% of all  buyers said they used the internet frequently during the search process.  For that reason, it’s critical to have your home visible on websites when you’re trying to sell.   A common question I receive is, “Do you market my […]

Days on Market and Sale Price

This chart shows a 14 month look back at the correlation between Days on the Market and the margin between list price and sale price.  Currently in the Northern Kentucky market, you can expect to get 96% of your list price and to sell your home in about 50 days, on average.  Be careful when […]

Northern Kentucky’s “Hot” Housing Market

A lot has been said about the “hot” housing market in Northern Kentucky but what does that really mean?  I’ve attached an interesting chart with data provided by the Northern Kentucky Association of Realtors.   Let’s look at July 2015 vs. July 2016.  In July 2016 there were actually 55 fewer homes sold than the […]