Which company gives you the best chance to sell your home?

Posted on: Sep 05, 2017

There are a lot of factors that determine if a home sells or not, price being the biggest.  If your home is priced right for what you are offering it will normally sell quickly.  That said, many sellers wonder how likely a brokerage is to sell a home and how many days will it take to get it sold.  The chart below will provide the current data to answer those questions.


What percentage of homes sell vs. cancelling/expiring?

Company                             % Sold                                   Days On The Market

Simple Fee Realty            91.7%                                            40

Century 21                         81.8%                                             67

Sibcy Cline                         81.1%                                             58

Realty Executives             80.5%                                            81

Pivot Realty                       79.4%                                            48

Regional Realty                77.7%                                             56

Star One                             77.0%                                            55

Coldwell Banker               76.8%                                            55

Comey & Shepherd          74.4%                                            53

Huff Realty                        71.4%                                             56

Keller Williams                 70.3%                                            49

Paragon Realty                  70.0%                                           40

Re/Max                               69.7%                                           58

Ken Perry Realty               66.3%                                           119



  • All data was pulled from the NKY MLS on 8.29.17 with a 12 month look back.
  • List includes the 14 largest brokerages in NKY.
  • Percentage was determined by total homes sold divided by the number of homes sold/cancelled/expired. For example, Ken Perry Realty sold 67 of their 101 homes.  The other 34 where cancelled or expired without selling.